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Thursday May 9th, 2002

This weeks status reports include updates from CaScadeS, Hermes, mozdev, and MozBlog. Click the Full Article link to check them out.

#1 Beonex status report

by benb <>

Friday May 10th, 2002 5:39 AM

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Seems like David accidently lost our report. Here is it:


* Version 0.8-pre for Windows and Linux relased!!! Yeah, finally! (All) * Added screenshots and template press reports to website (Ben) * Started working on Roaming (Ben)


* Broke release build machine, have to fix it for new Linux builds * heise <<>> didn't report about it as expected, because it's "just a Preview" :-( * Mac OS X release didn't make it and Zach is on vacation now


* Contacting US press (Help urgently needed!!!) * Maybe create a Linux build that fixes bug 140767 (Ben) * Continue working on Roaming (Ben)

For 0.8-stable: (based on Mozilla 1.0 final)

* More content for website (help needed), esp. o Description of Mozilla features (for people who don't know Mozilla-based browsers) o Tutorial for Navigator and Mailnews (for people new to the Internet and Mozilla) o Introduction to the web + "How to use the web" + how to get to information + things to avoid + hints, hot links etc. * Builds for Windows (David Hallowell), Linux (Ben), Mac (Zach)