CNET Interview with Mitchell Baker

Thursday May 9th, 2002

CNET Newsmakers has an interview with Mitchell Baker,'s Chief Lizard Wrangler. She describes how in four years the Mozilla community has "created almost from scratch a technically viable alternative for Web browsing, mail, and news and chat." Also mentioned is Mozilla's role on non-PC devices and the fact that Mozilla is "a product where those people using it can help determine the direction the product develops."

#1 a little old news here? -nt

by cottnn

Thursday May 9th, 2002 7:29 PM


#2 Re: a little old news here? -nt

by kerz

Thursday May 9th, 2002 7:52 PM

Busy week. We're clearing out the hopper now. :)


#3 Where to find Mozilla for iPaq?

by ezh

Friday May 10th, 2002 6:15 AM

In the article are words about mozilla on the iPaq...

Where can I find it?

#4 Mozilla embedded

by ed_welch

Friday May 10th, 2002 7:09 PM

I think Mozilla needs to do more to advertise and support the use of Mozilla as an embedded HTML rendering component. So many Windows applications just automatically plumb for IE, just because it’s made by the same people that make their development tool (VC++). They only find out later the problems of use IE. As Mitchell says that you are putting yourself at the mercy of whatever business decisions Microsoft make. You are only allowed redistribute you application with the latest IE version and that means extra cost testing and uncertainty that the latest IE might break your product in some way. Whereas using Mozilla you can standardize on one version of the binaries and can install them in an independent location thereby guaranteeing that you application will work no matter what other browsers maybe installed on the PC. Unfortunately developers using VC++ see all this MFC HTML & HTTP support classes built in and so they unwittingly tie their software to IE, only finding out the support problems later, when it’s to late to change. I think someone should do some work on developing the equivalent MFC classes that use Mozilla instead of IE to make it easier for developers to realise that there is an alternative.

#5 Online degree

by 1nah

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