Netscape Not Doomed

Thursday November 19th, 1998

Joel Caris writes in with this great news: "It would appear someone in the media figured out Netscape isn't doomed. An article at ZDNet suggests that Netscape isn't spiraling down into oblivion and has actually held its own against the Win98/IE integration."

#1 Re:Netscape Not Doomed = M$ not a monopoly?

by Stuart Ballard

Friday November 20th, 1998 10:49 AM

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Isn't it interesting that just at the precise moment in time that Microsoft want to prove to a court that they aren't a monopoly, all these articles appear in support of their competitors?

First the halloween documents and the flood of Linux advocacy in the media (which of course M$ HAVE now used in their defence in court) and now an article showing that their unfair marketing practices haven't succeeded. How long before they're quoting this in court?

Not that it matters, IMHO. No matter the outcome of this court case, mozilla, java and linux have put the writing on the wall for M$ long ago.