Time Magazine Article on Mozilla

Wednesday April 24th, 2002

Asa Dotzler writes: "Mozilla makes Time magazine, print and web. Seems that this reviewer appreciates 'the clever, stress-saving bells and whistles that come from millions of geek hours of testing.' I guess so called 'geek features' like tabbed browsing and pop-up blocking aren't so geeky afterall. Check out a scan of the print version and read the article over on"

#21 Browser history

by dan <>

Thursday April 25th, 2002 5:05 AM

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It's great that major media like Time is noticing Mozilla (even if it *is* owned by AOL), but he got a few things wrong in the history of browsers. As has already been pointed out, he seemed to imply that MSIE preceded Netscape. Also, it was *not* true that Mosaic was the only browser around in its time or even that it was the first Web browser. The first Web browser was Tim Berners-Lee's "WorldWideWeb" for the NEXT machine; a line-mode browser followed, and others such as Lynx and Cello (which was fully graphical) followed. Mosaic was just the first to be noticed by less-geeky types, and to make a big splash in the news media.