Mozilla 1.0 RC1 Released

Thursday April 18th, 2002 today released the first 1.0 Candidate, in preparation for a final 1.0 build. They'll be using RC1 to evaluate where the 1.0 branch stands as far as crash bugs, and other things that are tracking. RC1's changes since 0.9.9 include the abilty to view the source of a cgi (the most duped bug), reorganized context and main menus, LDAP over SSL, return recipts, new animated mail alerts on Windows, Download Manager, final xul syntax changes, and numerious other bug fixes.

You can download RC1 from's Releases Page or read the Release Notes. We highly encourage you to download the talkback enabled builds, so crashes can be found and logged prior to 1.0. (These pages haven't reached yet, you can grab builds from the FTP site.)

Once people start using RC1 and get a handle on how the reception of it goes, they will be deciding whether or not to release another candidate or 1.0 itself. We'll keep you updated on this process, and let you know what is decided.

#25 Re: We need a Mozill News Site with an Attitude!

by grayrest

Thursday April 18th, 2002 10:36 PM

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Not at all, your windows are grouped by logical topic. I arrange my workspace in just such a hiearchical fashion. If you had all the tabs for all the groups in one window, that would be just like having a billion windows open. With the topical tabs in a window scheme I can find the tab I'm looking for much more quickly.