Mozilla 1.0 RC1 Released

Thursday April 18th, 2002 today released the first 1.0 Candidate, in preparation for a final 1.0 build. They'll be using RC1 to evaluate where the 1.0 branch stands as far as crash bugs, and other things that are tracking. RC1's changes since 0.9.9 include the abilty to view the source of a cgi (the most duped bug), reorganized context and main menus, LDAP over SSL, return recipts, new animated mail alerts on Windows, Download Manager, final xul syntax changes, and numerious other bug fixes.

You can download RC1 from's Releases Page or read the Release Notes. We highly encourage you to download the talkback enabled builds, so crashes can be found and logged prior to 1.0. (These pages haven't reached yet, you can grab builds from the FTP site.)

Once people start using RC1 and get a handle on how the reception of it goes, they will be deciding whether or not to release another candidate or 1.0 itself. We'll keep you updated on this process, and let you know what is decided.

#168 it doesn't run native text editing code.. Rant!

by dman84

Tuesday April 23rd, 2002 5:39 AM

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If you could just type what you want to type what you are thinking why should you need Shift-PageUP/Home+End+Insert functionality.. thats why the mouse was invented.. mouseover & highlight, rightclick cut, and paste.. sheees.. get off your old keyboard habits already.. I use shift-Arrow keys for that, its sufficient works just as fast.. By time my fingers find those keystrokes I've already cut and pasted with the mouse..we have Shift-End of Line and Shift-Home which works, but the arrow keys are way faster..

The mouse works great wonders.

There is also voice recognition.. and all that coming down the pipe and brain wave reading computer controls... and all you can say is its missing a feature you absolutely need with a keyboard to get it to work or you cannot write email.. come on.. Terminal emulation is even easy to use these days.

are you really that poor, that you cannot afford a $10 mouse for your UI? What kinda machine have you, that you require such extreme difficulty needs?

I find its quite difficult to imagine that the whole world is still engrosed in there *I need this extremely outdated feature of all text editors* thinking.. I really have no time to contemplate how I will be able to live without it.

I'm so sold on mozilla that I'd like to blow away IE on WinXp.. I really dont even use IE anymore.. Outlook. . geez, I've never even used it more that opening the program to see about exporting my imported addressbook from nc4.7x. into mozilla.

- try writing email with _pico_ on a digital unix mainframe. You could be doing a lot worse.. and browing the web with lynx. Or how about writing Cobol with an AS/400. I've done that too.. with a mouse and a little terminal emulation, ever heard of Qedit 4.0, the best DOS based editor ever, and you could even load as many documents up in it as you wanted and cut and paste with the keyboard then between each different document while viewing them all at the same time on the same screen.. now that is something that notepad is not even capable of without windows itself, nor DOS edit, or DR-DOS for that matter, or how about IBM PC-DOS. just the letters DOS look even look weird now after barely using it anymore.. now that DOOM collector's edition is out and WinXP compatibility mode added some support. And to think that I've written this whole freaken statement without once using any keyboard hotkeys.

RC1 is not about the poorly polished UI, its not an end-user product and if you were really following mozilla like you say.. then you just maybe seen the roadmap that states the 1.0 goals, not UI polished to your un-holy specifications..I'd like to think that it is that great already.. but netscape will release more of a polished product for you to bitch at.. once again. just remember windows 2000 has over 63000+ active bugs in it. I'm just happy that i can come home from work, turn the PC on and start up the dialer get on the internet and read and learn.. which is something we never used to be able to do.. now all you guys take it for granted that its now possible.. Me I wanted a tablet PC over 3 years ago.. now I want even more, I want interactive web tv jeapoardy and family fued.. .. I'm way beyond this bickering of crap that goes on about this feature x and that feature x that is in my other native application .. so get on with life, live a little and give these developers some credit for giving you a place to bitch to the rest of the world how bad your life is, and or maybe you could be living in a 3rd world country counting beans for a living or sifting dirt, because thats all you know.. As it sounds like you'd rather bow down to MS and its dirty tactics while they take over your privacy with hotmail and passport.. and die knowing that you could of had better... Anyway, as I was out enjoying life over the weekend you all are bitching.. please find a better cause than this.. as your making us all tired with your constant rants about how you will not use such a program because you cant find a way around your own addiction to your so called better past of great software. The future is here.. and now.. live it, Meanwhile, as the rest of us wait till such feature work gets implemented, I'd hardly call them bugs... got to have something to upgrade to..

and I want my prototype cars on the market now, not 10 years from now... all with Hybrid drive trains and 4 wheel steering like the 2004 truck models.. which can power your house with 110volts of 8 hours of electricity. Which is so cool.. and have a 100 Gig FMD-Rom Drive to back up my Hard drives with 1 disk the size of a standard CD. Not to mention the HDTV as standard on all tv's..

Oh yeah, there is a great set of funny parodies of Hard OCP and Toms Hardware and /. over on:

<http://www.afrotechmods.c…keover/%5BA%5Dfrotech.jpg> <http://www.afrotechmods.c…over/afromanshardware.jpg> <http://www.afrotechmods.c…oovy/takeover/afrodot.jpg>

They say the world just might end in our lifetime as we know it. Thanks, first and formost goes to god, without him we may not be here to enjoy seening the birth of mozilla as it grows and matures... secondly I'd like to thank the developers for their hard work and dedication.. live and let live.

As far as I remember, I was too busy playing wolf3d, Spear of Destiny and 4 player Lan Doom on 386sx33 computers at school.. all the while we were support to be programming in Turbo Pascal and listening to instructors show us slides of program specs and we finished programs the same day the were handed out.

As FiringSquad is talking all about how Fair Use.. and as people have started to tell me there finally listen to 80 pop classics again.. something I've been doing for a few years now.. I'm almost done now with listening to my OLD SKooL tape collection again of early 90's rap/hiphop tunes, busting out the MP3s with my stereo to soundcard. like 2 Live Crew, 2nd II None, College Boys, ICE-T, NWA, EazyE, TooShort and Naughty By Nature.. and.. A tribe called Quest, Run DMC, Geto Boys.. LL Cool J, KRS1, Kid Capri, and even DR. Demento tunes! Barney 5, how about the Beastly Boys - Squirls. Good funny tunes there.

Oh yea the best that is for real even today.. .. H.E.A.L. - Heal Yourself (Human Education Against Lies)

Cheers.. lighten up, and enjoy life ... sure there are a few problems here are there.. but there never used to be so many reasons to file bugs years ago.. there is so much more variables involved now.. that you should be lucky it even runs on your system.. I feel the love in this room! If you dont speak up we just may have more problems with states wanting to make windows modular.. so get involved and help out.. and contact your senators..

(M.O.Zilla. - you cannot deny me, you know you would like me to Eat IE for breakfast!!) help me, help me :-) haha.. I love this program..