Compuserve 7 Ships with Gecko

Tuesday April 16th, 2002

Both c|net and Slashdot are reporting that Compuserve 7 has shipped, and AOL used Gecko, rather than Trident (IE), to power the layout of content. Compuserve's content is completely web-based, so AOL using Gecko as the layout engine shows their confidence in it. Check out the c|net story or if you have Compuserve, grab 7.0.

#17 *lol*

by niner

Friday April 19th, 2002 3:25 AM

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Installing Software easily? Are we talking about the same Windows with every program a different Installer which asks too many questions? Not to talk about uninstalling anything (which doesn't really uninstall everything in most cases)

Clicking on a link to the desired package on it's webspace. The normal open dialogue pops up and I've just to click ok. It's downloaded and the package manager (like kpackage) pops up where I've just to click on install. Is this difficult?

Adding a button to the panel: right click on the panel/Add/Button/your_application if it's a KDE application or panel/Add/Non-KDE-Application and just pointing to the file (which you have to do on windows every time)