Compuserve 7 Ships with Gecko

Tuesday April 16th, 2002

Both c|net and Slashdot are reporting that Compuserve 7 has shipped, and AOL used Gecko, rather than Trident (IE), to power the layout of content. Compuserve's content is completely web-based, so AOL using Gecko as the layout engine shows their confidence in it. Check out the c|net story or if you have Compuserve, grab 7.0.

#14 CS 7.0 uses .9.4.2

by Kovu <>

Thursday April 18th, 2002 12:43 PM

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This is the one of the same screenshots I posted above showing the user agent info: <http://mywebpage.netscape…com/Kovu401/cs7+gecko.jpg>