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Friday April 12th, 2002

The status reports for this week include updates from Beonex, mozdev, and Optimoz. Click the Full Article link to check them out.

#7 Re: hmmm

by thegoldenear

Saturday April 13th, 2002 2:07 AM

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"while Mozilla isnt for end user it will be used by more end users than Beonex :)"

but each will be used by a particular and different kind of end user, so it is good that the different soft wares exist to support people who need their support given differently

whereas Mozilla users are comfortable spending time and using Bugzilla/newgroups/IRC, other people are more comfortable spending money and using the telephone to speak with help desk staff

Mozilla is the raw creative kernel that facilitates many different growths, each appropriate to a different kind of person, but always Mozilla at the heart of the process; thats the only way this development process will build something that spreads further than other software