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Friday April 12th, 2002

The status reports for this week include updates from Beonex, mozdev, and Optimoz. Click the Full Article link to check them out.

#3 Re: I dont see the point of the Beonex release

by roro

Friday April 12th, 2002 4:48 PM

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you need to compare beonex to netscape, not mozilla. netscape and beonex are mozilla distributions for end-users, and in many ways I think that beonex does a better job than netscape has so far :

* "support" for platforms moz runs best on, slow release cycle * it's _intended_ for end-users, debug/qa menus are removed, etc * the profile dir on Linux is "~/.beonex", unlike netscape's "~/.mozilla" * they don't come with all the ads that netscape does

A big point is that you can pay Beonex for support or features, and they will contribute any features back to mozilla ( if mozilla will accept them ). I don't think Netscape does this, at least not for end-users ( maybe for partners ).

Mozilla is for developers, not end-users. You can file a bug, but I doubt that sending a little money to a developer will get you support for a problem in your current version ( or get a patch out just because you asked ). The Mozilla way is to file a bug and wait, or fix it yourself, or hire someone ( like Beonex ) to fix it for you.

What if I want to install Moz as the standard web browser enterprise-wide on Linux smart client workstations? Personally I would not use Netscape, too many ads and annoying things to turn off and no source code. My choices would be :

custom mozilla distro ( personally I'd prefer this ) use beonex/galeon ( if I couldn't provide adequate support, this would be a viable option. I could also pay them to work on features for me, which I may want to do even if I do my own custom distro ).

Hope that helps. I've checked out their last release on Linux, I think they did a great job, compared to Netscape. Just my opinion of course :)