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Friday April 12th, 2002

The status reports for this week include updates from Beonex, mozdev, and Optimoz. Click the Full Article link to check them out.

#11 Re: The point

by c960657

Tuesday April 16th, 2002 1:36 AM

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Beonex is at version 0.7, and Mozilla is at version 1.0.

Does that imply that Beonex is "less complete" (defined in an "end user"-sense) than Mozilla?

Some suggestions: I think the "Beonex vs. Mozilla" page should cut down on the "proofs that Mozilla is not for end users". Instead I would like to see a more thorough comparison of the two products, like concrete examples of differences (except the obvious removed Debug and QA menus). I probably should install Beonex at my parents computer. I am tired of patching their Internet Explorer every time I visit them.