Mozilla Foundation Searching for Executive Director to Replace Frank Hecker

Sunday May 27th, 2007

The Mozilla Foundation is looking for a new Executive Director to lead and manage the organisation. The successful candidate will take over from Frank Hecker, who declared his intention to resign as Executive Director last month. At that time, Mitchell Baker, Chair of the Mozilla Foundation Board of Directors, announced that recruiter Eunice Azzani has been engaged to help identify potential Executive Director candidates.

The Executive Director position specification, which was published on Tuesday, provides more details about the role and the sort of person that the Mozilla Foundation is looking for.

Mitchell has posted a newsgroup message to mozilla.governance about defining a search process to find the new Executive Director. In the posting, Mitchell outlines her current thoughts on how the process should work, with an emphasis on community involvement. She suggests inviting between three and five community members to the search committee to join herself and fellow Board member Bob Lisbonne, who have already been appointed by the Mozilla Foundation Board of Directors. She also proposes issuing regular public status reports and devising some sort of process for introducing candidates to a broad range of community members. Finally, she invites feedback on her proposals for the process, which should be posted to the newsgroup.

Frank took on the Executive Director role at the Mozilla Foundation in February 2006, though he has been involved in the Mozilla project since its inception. He plans to transition to another role within the Mozilla Foundation after the new Executive Director takes over. Apart from Frank, the Mozilla Foundation currently has two other employees, Gervase Markham and Zak Greant. Its headcount is dwarfed by that of its taxable subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation, which employs around one hundred people.

Since the creation of the Mozilla Corporation in 2005, the Mozilla Foundation has concentrated less on day-to-day Mozilla development and more on policy issues. The Mozilla Foundation Statement of Direction outlines the goals of the organisation but the exact tasks that it should undertake continue to be defined. The new Executive Director is expected to play an important role in managing the organisation as it continues to grow and expand its activities.