MozillaZine Branches for 1.0

Tuesday April 9th, 2002 today cut the MOZILLA_1_0_0_BRANCH for 1.0 to use. Expect to see an RC1 candidate sometime next week in order to see where the builds are as far as stability and usability. Work will continue on the branch up until the final 1.0 release, and beyond for point releases. An updated roadmap will be posted soon reflecting this. The trunk is now open to 1.1 alpha work, on the road to 2.0!

#92 Sorry, mail/news WITHOUT spellcheck is DOA.

by rickst29 <>

Saturday April 13th, 2002 12:24 PM

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I haven't been over here (at MozZine) recently. I am concerned about our obvious intention to release 1.0 without a spellcheck for the composition of outgoing mail. If we want to be a competitive (to say nothing of world class) I think that this will be taken by 'baby' end users as a SHOW-STOPPING defect:

1) They'll be confused by that grayed out icon 2) They'll be confused by the discussion in 'help' 3) To them, it's unthinkable to clip and paste between apps to do your spell checking done. 4) They expect the Released Product to replace IE/Exchange, and without a spellcheck, they'll go ballistic. 5) After they go ballistic, you can't tell them to wait for Mozilla 1.1.

Even though the drivers are trying to move towards an RC1 this next week, I prefer that we not Release the Product until it's ready for use as expected by its intended market. If there is now a 'schedule' which MUST be met, then I think that someone or some team needs to start spreading the word and setting expectations about the lack of an EMail spell checker in this release.