MozillaZine Branches for 1.0

Tuesday April 9th, 2002 today cut the MOZILLA_1_0_0_BRANCH for 1.0 to use. Expect to see an RC1 candidate sometime next week in order to see where the builds are as far as stability and usability. Work will continue on the branch up until the final 1.0 release, and beyond for point releases. An updated roadmap will be posted soon reflecting this. The trunk is now open to 1.1 alpha work, on the road to 2.0!

#71 Wow! it works.

by TimHunt <>

Friday April 12th, 2002 3:35 AM

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First, sorry about the fact that the code above all got munged onto one line in my previous post. Not my fault.

Second, if you download patchmaker form the link above and follow the instructions then editing the chrome is easy. In this case you want to experiment with


rather than


which is what is suggested in the "Trying it out" part of the patchmaker instructions.

And for the change you want, all that is required is to comment out the two lines that hide these context items, so thay they now look like:

//this.showItem( "context-back", !( this.isTextSelected || this.onLink || this.onImage || this.onTextInput ) );

//this.showItem( "context-forward", !( this.isTextSelected || this.onLink || this.onImage || this.onTextInput ) );

You may also want to reorder the .xul file so that these items come nearer the top of the context menu.

Anyway, I don't care about that. What annoys me is having "open link in new tab at the top" when I never use that and do what open in new window. But now it is fixed, I love Moz.