MozillaZine Branches for 1.0

Tuesday April 9th, 2002 today cut the MOZILLA_1_0_0_BRANCH for 1.0 to use. Expect to see an RC1 candidate sometime next week in order to see where the builds are as far as stability and usability. Work will continue on the branch up until the final 1.0 release, and beyond for point releases. An updated roadmap will be posted soon reflecting this. The trunk is now open to 1.1 alpha work, on the road to 2.0!

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by asa <>

Wednesday April 10th, 2002 9:18 PM

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and what value do you get from that count? Do you decide whether to download a testing binary or not based on that count? Do you decide whether or not to file your latest bug based on that bug count? Do you make the decision to evangelize standards support or not based on that bug count? Do you decide to release or not release a commercial mozilla-based product based on that bug count? I could understand if he had up to the minute info on a bug you were watching or a catagory of bugs that were important to your mozilla-based product but they're just numbers that you could get, and even more up to date and accurate, with a few bookmarked queries or a quick run of the summary reports at Bugzilla.