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Monday April 8th, 2002

Mitchell Baker writes: "A few Mozilla 1.0-related steps will take place before Mozilla 1.0 is itself released. The next couple of steps are outlined in the linked article." Click the Full Article link to check out what's coming up including info on release candidates and more.

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Thursday April 11th, 2002 6:45 PM

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Just entered "whitehouse" and nothing else into the URL bar and ended up on an interesting page. But hey, see the positive sides, parents can skip the "flowers and bees" after their children were on that page. Well, if you are afraid of that, you actually have to monitor your children every second while they are online. Also not quite on-topic here, but I think the earlier parents are forced to to have "the talk" with their children, the better. Studies showed that children who know a lot about sex very early are much less likely to ever accidentally get pregnant or catch a sexual transmitted diseas, because the myth that children who know a lot about sex will also have sex early, is just that: a myth!

But my point is that it must be really easily to disable this feature. There is some code that adds these two parts to each URL that seems to not be valid. All that developers must add is a boolean variable:

if (urlNotValid && autoCompleteSet) { // autocomplete URL }

And in the preferences screen people can decide if autoCompleteSet is true or not.