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Monday April 8th, 2002

Mitchell Baker writes: "A few Mozilla 1.0-related steps will take place before Mozilla 1.0 is itself released. The next couple of steps are outlined in the linked article." Click the Full Article link to check out what's coming up including info on release candidates and more.

#23 Mozilla is still too buggy to approach 1.0


Tuesday April 9th, 2002 3:45 PM

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Still the caret overlaps the last character in all input form fields, as well in the URL bar, this bug is very annoying and unprofessional, especially since it's known since nearly a year and nobody takes care of it.

Still you sometimes open a second window by clicking on a HTML file, a link in another application or by clicking on the Mozilla shortcut again (it doesn't matter how you open it, as long as you don't hit CTRL+N, choose new window from file menu or open a link within Mozilla in a new window) and the newly open Window can't gain focus (you can't enter anything into the URL bar for example, the caret will never appear there, no matter how often you click there). This bug is also not new and has not been fixed.

Still Mozilla opens the download manager, if you store a picture from a webpage (or one directly loaded form the server) to disk, even though no download takes place, but the picture is stored there form memory (browsers like IE or Opera don't do that).

Mozilla's speed is also still suffering if you load more than 2 MB of HTML data. That the speed will decreases in case of such a big page is normal, but neither in IE, nor in Opera it decreases that much.

You can still not disable the guessing of DNS names. If you enter test into the URL bar and hit enter, Mozilla will add www. to front and .com to the end. I don't want that this happens, because I use Mozillas keyword feature to search on Google. If I enter multiple words into the URL bar and hit enter, Mozilla opens Google and displays the search results for this word, which is really nice. But if I enter a single word there, it will not work that's to guessing of DNS addresses. And who says I want to see <> and not <> or <>? This autoguessing is completely nonsense and Opera allows you fine-tune it for your needs (e.g. it can also try to add a country domain if you like) or to disable it completely, why isn't that possible in Mozilla? (Yes, I have requested this feature!)

There are still all kind of little GUI flaws, too many to name them all in a single post. There are still out-of-the-blue crashes, that don't happen at any specific page or action, they just happen and are not reproducible (talkback has been used, but it seems nobody can fix these).

Actually I hoped that Mozilla gets a real download manager, one like Opera and not one like IE. If you run multiple, not a new window should open for every download, but both downloads should be displayed in a single download manger window, so you can run 20 downloads at once, without cluttering up your screen. If no downloads are running anymore, the window may close automatically if the user choses that(otherwise it opens with the first download and stays open till the user closes it, however, still running downloads are stopped if the user closes it manually) and complete downloads are removed from the window (unless the user chose to keep them there). Incompletely downloads should not be removed from that window (unless the user wishes that) and you should be able to open it again through the Window menu. If you open it and there are incomplete downloads, you can select them and Mozilla will try to resume them if possible (no problem via FTP, also not a problem on many HTTP servers). If that fails, you can select them and hit redownload, to download from the beginning again. You can also select a running download and interrupt it (at your own risk, as you may not be able to resume it later on). If complete downloads are kept there, you can also download them again if you like (e.g. if you suspect that the file should have changed in the meantime). And if the user wishes it, new downloads are not started at the moment they are added to the download manager window (which is default), but only scheduled. You can then later on click them and choose download or click auto-download, which will go down the list and retrieve everything that still isn't complete (those that were not started at all so far and those that needs to be resumed or downloaded from the start if resuming fails), however, never more downloads at once than you selected in the settings and never trying to download the same file more often than a selected limit (if fails several times, skip it and go to the next one). Such a download manager would even be better than the one of Opera and the one of Opera is the best browser download manager there is so far.

Hell, not even the current input window here is working correctly. Whenever I hit the bottom line and anotehr line is added, I don't see it, because Mozilla forgets to automatically scroll this window upwards. It will only scroll it upwards after I typed maybe half of the next line blindly. But that may just be the fault of the current nightly build.

I could go on forever here, as I know far more annoying bugs like that and you can say a lot about Micro$oft's IE or Opera, but both never released a release version that was having so obvious bugs, that a tester will discover after 15 minutes testing and that had been reported as bugs so often.