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Monday April 8th, 2002

Mitchell Baker writes: "A few Mozilla 1.0-related steps will take place before Mozilla 1.0 is itself released. The next couple of steps are outlined in the linked article." Click the Full Article link to check out what's coming up including info on release candidates and more.

#17 Re: Re: Re: Optimizations?

by macpeep

Tuesday April 9th, 2002 12:25 PM

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RAM makes the difference.. NS 4.7x starts in about 3 seconds for me on IDE drives, Win2K, 500MHz Athlon with 384MB RAM. Mozilla, I haven't timed lately but it's about the same. IE starts instantaneously (that is, faster than Mozilla opens a new browser window when it's already running). And please, spare me the usual propaganda about preloading, being part of the OS, spelling Microsoft with $'s and all that other stuff. The bottom line is that startup time is not an issue on any of those. It really doesn't matter on today's systems. Same for runtime speed. I don't really see a problem with Mozilla's speed and I'm not on a fast system by any standards. If anything, I guess one could complain about Mozilla using a lot of RAM...