Mozbot 2.4 Released

Tuesday April 2nd, 2002

Ian Hickson writes: "Mozbot 2.4 is out! Things to look for since the last release: The KookBot module ("Think about the tyranny, malignant and unjust, and how it compares with truthful rational approach."), an XML Logging Module (see the sample output), a Conversion module (for converting hex to decimal, Fahrenheit to Centigrade, and so on), and a Magic Eight Ball module.

There are also several other minor fixes that should make module development easier, and some new features in existing modules, like Tinderbox notifications using notices and the Greeting module being friendlier. Download the source tarball or read the instructions for updating mozbot using CVS and have fun!"

#1 Explain

by johnlar <>

Tuesday April 2nd, 2002 1:33 PM

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Can someone explain exactly what mozbot does, (I know it can do just about anything, but I mean what all can it do currently and how does it all work together). And most importantly is there any way this can run under windows?