Drivers Update

Friday March 29th, 2002

The Status Reports was updated, and included some information on what are up to, and what's coming up:

" approved checkins for over 240 bugs this last week. We've taken a few more big-ticket items and have a couple to go. drivers will be ramping down this next week and actively soliciting fixes that we need to branch and have a Release Candidate 1 sometime (hopefully) late next week. We need to get RC1 out there quickly and get feedback on all the changes we've taken since 0.9.9 and at the same time we need the release to stand up so that users will put enough hours on it to give meaningful feedback. Please help us to get the builds into good shape over this next week with particular attention to recent regressions and topcrash+ bugs."

#49 Re: Wrong.

by ipottinger

Monday April 1st, 2002 5:29 PM

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Now this is what I've been waiting for. A well thought out arguement with facts to support it. Thanks you!

I suggest that those words be changed to relect that is in the business of making coding, not end-user products. I think an organization like and the code that it has developed are ill suited to catering the need of the general public. The linux experience highlights the fact that open source community have not yet managed to create the infastructure neccessary to support the general public. For now, like linux, mozilla is best servered when pasted through the hands of a cmmerical enitities. Netscape and AOL are in the business of providing "services." Service is their life's blood!

Why not let the service companies concentrate on service while coding organization concentrate on coding?!?