Drivers Update

Friday March 29th, 2002

The Status Reports was updated, and included some information on what are up to, and what's coming up:

" approved checkins for over 240 bugs this last week. We've taken a few more big-ticket items and have a couple to go. drivers will be ramping down this next week and actively soliciting fixes that we need to branch and have a Release Candidate 1 sometime (hopefully) late next week. We need to get RC1 out there quickly and get feedback on all the changes we've taken since 0.9.9 and at the same time we need the release to stand up so that users will put enough hours on it to give meaningful feedback. Please help us to get the builds into good shape over this next week with particular attention to recent regressions and topcrash+ bugs."

#36 Re: Do not release binaries of 1.0 code

by ibotan

Monday April 1st, 2002 10:07 AM

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But the release of 1.0 is *not* an end to development. To answer your question, you need to think of what 1.0 is supposed to mean.'s definition of 1.0 was included in the the mozilla 1.0 manifesto at <> . 1.0 is a promise to all clients of the mozilla code that a set of api's will be frozen and not change under their feet anymore. A separate brance will created and *maintained* in order to keep this promise.

What does this mean for development? Right now, for every bug the question is being asked: is this important enough to hold 1.0 for? After 1.0 is released, that question will be changed to: is this important enough to bring over to the 1.0 branch, if we do can we still keep our promises of stability, and is this problem even relevant to the branch? If the answer is yes, then changes will be made to the branch. Sooner or later the branch will be frozen again and 1.01 will be released.

As you can see, testing will not stop. Binaries for 1.0 are just as important as any other milestone. (If not moreso.) The enhancements you've listed such as a spellchecker will almost certainly not make 1.0, but that doesn't mean they are necessarily excluded from a later branch release. The spellchecker in particular currently works as an add on and should not require any of the 1.0 promises to be broken if it is included in a later release off the branch. There simply aren't enough resources at the moment to make sure it is of high enough quality to include with 1.0 itself.

The question of whether should be releasing binaries that are easily mistaken for end user software is completely different and a hard one. I myself am grateful for the releases that have been made and use mozilla just as I would any end user browser. In the end, this is really the only way to fully test it. Which gives us a very fine line to walk.

To say that 1.0 should not be distributed as a binary would not help the matter in the least. will continue to release binaries nightly and by milestone, which will soon bury the 1.0 release itself out of sight. Both trunk and milestone branch builds. Branch builds will still need to be available for testing, do you propose to hide those as well? Personally I feel that would do little good, but without doing so, not releasing a 1.0 binary will be useless as well.