Tree Closes for Mozilla 1.0

Wednesday March 27th, 2002

The tree just closed in preparation for Mozilla 1.0, and so far, it's looking promising. What does the tree close mean? This time around, as drivers have been in control of the tree for the entire milestone, the actual process won't change, but drivers approval will begin to get harder and harder to get for a checkin. As we approach 1.0, we'll keep you up to date on current status and other interesting news.

#6 Re: Re: Hard bug? Why?

by aganguli

Wednesday March 27th, 2002 7:15 AM

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According to CNET <<>> IE 6.0 has 30% of the browser market after just six months or so of availability. In an odd way, I see that as good news for Mozilla since it means that users are still willing to download browsers. The question, then, is what killer feature would compel the world to try Netscape again?

The killer feature for me is tabs, but my browsing habits probably aren't typical. It needs to be something so compelling that consumers who don't have Netscape/Mozilla will feel like the world is passing them by. Past examples could have been instant messaging or music downloads. This needs to be comparable.