Tree Closes for Mozilla 1.0

Wednesday March 27th, 2002

The tree just closed in preparation for Mozilla 1.0, and so far, it's looking promising. What does the tree close mean? This time around, as drivers have been in control of the tree for the entire milestone, the actual process won't change, but drivers approval will begin to get harder and harder to get for a checkin. As we approach 1.0, we'll keep you up to date on current status and other interesting news.

#13 IE6 gains over Netscape....cos of XP surely?

by rkl

Wednesday March 27th, 2002 10:14 AM

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A lot is made in that article ( also in <…amp;feature&week_stat> ) about the increase in IE6's market share (now 30.5% apparently), but surprisingly actually fails to suggest the reason for the jump.

My theory? Well, Windows XP happened to be released about the same time IE6 was and, unsurprisingly, was bundled with XP. I'd be willing to bet that most of its market share came from the upgrades to (and the new PCs pre-installing) XP - I suspect that only a few percent of people actually upgraded from IE 5.X to 6.0 (and judging by the comments on, a fair chunk of those downgraded again because 6.0 didn't work too well on their non-XP OS !).

If you read that StatMarket report, you'd think it was IE6 aggressively grabbing market share from Netscape (would be interesting to know the NS 4.X vs. 6.X split - sadly this isn't mentioned at all). However, as I've said on here before, if MS ships a free "good enough" browser with their OS (and you try uninstalling IE 6.0 - you'll have "fun" !), the vast majority of users won't bother installing a second browser, especially one that takes a 25MB+ download to get, no matter how fantastic it may be.

To sum up - I'd actually be quite surprised if Netscape had managed to hold onto its double-digit market share in the past year - what with the XP/IE6 launch plus AOL's failure to use the Gecko rendering engine (yet...there's hope on the horizon) which would have levelled the playing field for Netscape 6.X, I'm actually surprised it's still got even 7%.

BTW, does AOL include a full Netscape 6.X installer on their AOL CD-ROMs? If not, why not ?! After all, they own Netscape and it would be a nice extra use of the AOL carpet-bombed CDs...people might keep them to install Netscape 6.X without needing a big download...