Mozilla Calendar 0.5 Release Candidate Test Day on Tuesday

Monday May 14th, 2007

On the Mozilla Calendar Weblog, Clint Talbert has announced that a Calendar 0.5 Release Candidate test day will take place on Tuesday. The test day, which will run from 1:00pm UTC/GMT on Tuesday 15th May until 1:00am UTC/GMT on Wednesday 16th May, will invite interested testers to test release candidate builds of Sunbird 0.5 and Lightning 0.5. There will be a reward for the best tester. More details and instructions for participants can be found on the page about the Calendar 0.5 test day on the Mozilla Wiki.

The Calendar Weblog recently featured a post detailing the status of the forthcoming Sunbird and Lightning 0.5 releases. Earlier this month, Daniel Boelzle took over from Michiel van Leeuwen as the Calendar project leader.