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Thursday March 21st, 2002

This weeks reports include updates from BrowserG, MozBlog, Annozilla, mozCalc, Mozilla Translator, SVG Graphs and LiveSidebar. Check them out by clicking the Full Article link.

#4 em in CSS

by AlMalossi <>

Saturday March 23rd, 2002 6:44 AM

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Haven't posted for a long time in Mozillazine but anyway

after reading this status report i lokked at annozilla <> there if found out that the developer thanked a guy from mozblog <> about the micro-editor. after totally failing to install this mozblog i read this "blog" things of the core developer at <> and there finally i found link to a demo page from an other guy: <>

and now do this (Ctrl+, Ctrl-) thing.... it's amazing, no it's cool

whatever.... my short journey showed to myself that there is a lot of developement outside of and the value of institutions like mozdev (and this independent status report), where different project are helping each other.