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Thursday March 21st, 2002

This weeks reports include updates from BrowserG, MozBlog, Annozilla, mozCalc, Mozilla Translator, SVG Graphs and LiveSidebar. Check them out by clicking the Full Article link.

#11 SVG Graphing ?

by skeeter

Monday March 25th, 2002 12:02 PM

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Hi I've been all over that site, but I can't find any examples of SVG. <> The sunburst pie chart is a gif, no problem of screen shots, but I was really hoping to see some SVG examples.

They state

"Svg Graphs This project is intended to build a robust graphing toolkit in Mozilla SVG and XBL. It is also intended to provide Mozilla SVG implementation specific documentation and sample code. It is distributed under the standard Mozilla tri-license. "

Where are the examples, I've got the right browser of course.