New Pre-Release Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird Announcement Lists Created

Friday May 11th, 2007

The Mozilla Developer News weblog has announced the creation of several new mailing lists for pre-release versions of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Users who are interested in testing pre-release builds, such as release candidates and alphas, can subscribe to the announce-prerelease list to receive early notifications when such pre-release builds are made available. This mailing list is also available as a newsgroup called mozilla.announce.prerelease (a Google Groups view of mozilla.announce.prerelease is also available for access via the Web).

Two new mailing lists for providing feedback on these pre-release builds have also been set up: feedback-firefox-prerelease for Firefox and feedback-thunderbird-prerelease for Thunderbird. Both are also available as newsgroups named and respectively (there's also a Google Groups view of and a Google Groups view of

#1 choose to save current navigation session...

by mauri_bs

Wednesday May 30th, 2007 2:01 AM

Sorry for my bad english ...

I want say you how much i like firefox 2.x and next ... ;- )

I lot of like the new features with that i can choose to restore previus navigation session when windows or firefox was abnormaly killed.

I like so that features that i ever kill (with windows task manager) the firefox process before stop my PC activity and before switch it off.

I think that would be great if in new release of firefox i will can choose to save current session (peraphs with a name ) and at the nex start of my fiorefox to restore my previous saved session.

Thank lot of for the yours great work ad mozzila ;-) ...