Next Camino Release Will Carry 1.5 Version Number

Friday May 11th, 2007

Lead Camino developer Mike Pinkerton has announced that the next Camino release will be 1.5 rather than 1.1. Mike cites the large number of improvements as the reason for the version number hike: "Personally, I don't think calling it Camino 1.1 does it justice, it's more like a 1.5, so that's exactly what we've done."

New features in Camino 1.5 will include spell checking, a single window mode, session saving, compatibility with Keychain entries created by Safari, feed detection, custom profiles and improved popup, Flash and plugin blocking.

The version number change only affects branding; plans for the next Camino release are otherwise unchanged. This means that Camino 1.5 will not have any major enhancements over February's Camino 1.1 Beta milestone, only bug fixes. Currently, 1.5 is in the release candidate stage (these release candidate builds are not being widely promoted to avoid regular end users getting over-excited and jumping the gun) and the final version could be released this month.

The Camino Roadmap lays out the post-1.5 path. Camino 1.6, which like 1.5 will be based on the Mozilla 1.8 codebase, will be an interim update and is expected out by the end of the year. Camino 2.0 will be a more far-reaching upgrade with many new features and improvements. Like Mozilla Firefox 3, it will be based on Mozilla 1.9.

Camino isn't the only Mozilla project to eschew version 1.1 in favour of 1.5. Firefox did the same thing in 2005.