O'Reilly Publishes 'Programming Firefox' by Kenneth Feldt

Thursday May 10th, 2007

roseman wrote in to tell us that O'Reilly have announced the publication of Programming Firefox. Subtitled Building Applications in the Browser, the new book by Kenneth Feldt covers using XUL and XPCOM to build Internet applications and extensions for Mozilla Firefox.

The Programming Firefox website includes the table of contents, index and a thirty-two page sample chapter.

#1 I found an example of poor coding practice already

by Parkway

Friday May 11th, 2007 8:21 AM

[quote]Before launching our code as a chrome application, we should change the testStyles.css stylesheet to provide a default background color for our window: window { background-color:white; } (The default window color is needed when launching a chrome application from the command line.)[/quote]

Of course, if the application had bothered to use the global theme correctly it would already have a background colour. I'm not impressed.