Alternate Mozilla 0.9.9 Download Locations

Friday March 15th, 2002

Mitchell Baker writes: " has logged approximately 150,000 downloads of the 0.9.9 Milestone in its first 48 hours on the wire. Interest in 0.9.9 has been so great that we overwhelmed the 100 Mbit full duplex link from with heavy traffic." Because of this, and Netscape have set up a new set of servers (http, ftp) to handle the load. Also, you can check the mirrors list for servers closer to you.

#25 Re: a step forward, but ...

by bluetea

Friday March 22nd, 2002 7:30 PM

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Huh? I'm not sure what this means.

Of course distributing up-to-date stuff to the mirror sites will make things easier on the master. If the mirrors are out of date, nobody is going to use them and the master will be slammed. If you're just saying the specifics of the mirroring mechanism doesn't matter, obviously that's true.

The key here is getting them updated before somebody submits the release announcement to Slashdot, which is rapidly becoming an unofficial mirror itself.