Alternate Mozilla 0.9.9 Download Locations

Friday March 15th, 2002

Mitchell Baker writes: " has logged approximately 150,000 downloads of the 0.9.9 Milestone in its first 48 hours on the wire. Interest in 0.9.9 has been so great that we overwhelmed the 100 Mbit full duplex link from with heavy traffic." Because of this, and Netscape have set up a new set of servers (http, ftp) to handle the load. Also, you can check the mirrors list for servers closer to you.

#23 Re: Platform breakdown?

by asa <>

Monday March 18th, 2002 7:50 PM

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After the first few days it was about 50% windows, 32% linux and 14% mac (with the other 3 or 4% mostly solaris and OS/2). This was with the not so great sample of only a few days (150K downloads) and it's possible that one of the platforms got higher visibility after that (slashdot notice seems to push the linux and windows downloads while versiontracker helps the mac numbers). I can get some better numbers soon. I expect to see a slightly higher Mac percentage if the trend of the last few Milestones holds.