Meeting on Future Mozilla Firefox Support Knowledge Base Held

Tuesday May 8th, 2007

Samuel Sidler has posted the notes from the first meeting on the future of Mozilla Firefox support, which was held as a phone conference by the Mozilla Corporation today.

The focus of the meeting was on the use of a knowledge base as a tool for providing support to Firefox users, taking the existing MozillaZine Knowledge Base as a starting point.

As well as written notes from the meeting, a complete recording of the phone conference is available for download in MP3 format. Weighing in at 34MB, the recording lasts one hour, fourteen minutes and twenty-six seconds.

A series of public meetings on the future of Firefox user support were announced last week. The next meeting takes place on Thursday and will discuss forums.

#1 Hi

by veerakumar

Thursday May 17th, 2007 10:01 PM

I would like to use it for L10n project.