Full Article Attached AOL with Gecko Beta Released

Thursday March 14th, 2002, along with some readers in our forums, are reporting that AOL has released a beta version of their software with Gecko enabled rather than IE. Click the Full Article link to see the email sent out to testers by AOL, as posted in our forums.

#12 NDA

by bandido

Saturday March 16th, 2002 7:13 AM

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Not really since for all practical purposes is an open beta program.. They do emphasized that a SINGLE violation to their TOS (Terms of Service) that applies to all users will be enough for dropping the beta tester from the list. For what i know, any member can go to keyword beta and fill out a very simple form and get immediate access to the beta download area. I don't know how binding an NDA would be in a situation like this where anyone can download a beta copy. It is like Mozilla trying to enforce an NDA on Mozilla testers when they actually make it open to anyone to download and test.

I am surprised to see that they are using gecko .94.2 and not a more recent one. I suppose they will upgrade to a more recent one as their beta test progresses. Thay want to limit the beta test to Java compatibility dutring the first round.