ZDNet Covers Mitchell Baker at CeBIT Australia 2007 with Video

Saturday May 5th, 2007

ZDNet Australia is running a brief article about Mozilla Corporation CEO Mitchell Baker, written by the Australian Associated Press at the CeBIT Australia 2007 conference in Sydney. In the report, Mitchell is quoted as saying that Mozilla Firefox helps to promote an open and innovative Web and describes how the user-focused Web has re-emerged after a period of dominance by large corporations.

While the text is brief, it's accompanied by a playlist of three videos, all in Flash format, which provide more detail. The first video, lasting three minutes and thirty-one seconds, features ZDNet's Steven Deare describing a talk Mitchell gave at CeBIT. He describes how Mitchell reassured the audience that while the Mozilla project is open-source, there are processes in place to ensure consistency and quality in the final product. He also summarises Mitchell's comments on security (Firefox puts users at less risk than Internet Explorer) and documentation (it's improving).

Finally, Deare reports on continuing debate over the decision to use Google as the default search engine in Firefox, earning the Mozilla Corporation $55 million in revenue. He notes Mitchell's assertion that users do not want to be confused by choice in this area when first installing the browser, a claim Deare finds "interesting" coming from the CEO of an open source organisation.

The other two videos, running to one minute and twenty-seven seconds and one-minute and thirty-eight seconds respectively, are made up of clips of Mitchell talking on camera about Mozilla. In the first video, Mitchell says that the Mozilla project can take credit for Microsoft's reinvestment in the browser market and states that any good feature introduced in one browser will eventually turn up in the others. However, she emphasises her opinion that the Firefox development process is set apart from that of Internet Explorer by being more open.

In the final video, Mitchell concentrates on the concept of collaboration. She claims that collaboration is about more than just having email and calendaring integrated, which she characterises as Microsoft's view. Mitchell states that while Mozilla backs efforts such as Lightning, which aims to add calendaring functionality to Mozilla Thunderbird, the main priority is on keeping the Web, accessed through the browser, open.

Thanks to roseman for the link.

Update: Munir Kotadia from ZDNet Australia wrote in to tell us ZDNet have published more video clips of Mitchell Baker discussing the Mozilla project. In addition to the two original clips, there are now another two videos: one covering XULRunner and the other discussing the possibility of adding features to Firefox to integrate with various social networking sites, an experiment that began with the release of The Coop last month. The clips are one minute and thirty-four seconds and three minutes and seven seconds long respectively.