Salon on Mozilla

Tuesday March 12th, 2002

A number of people have submitted this article, and while it's not really news, it's just another example of how Mozilla is starting to win people over. This is also beneficial to the evangelism efforts going on.

#86 Race analogy flawed

by SubtleRebel <>

Friday March 15th, 2002 6:05 PM

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Your #2 item which attempts to invalidate the claim that the year counting should begin with the rewrite is flawed.

First of all, the browser competition really can not be compared to a race because there is no finish line. Neither competitor can really claim victory until the other drops dead; al that can be said is that one is leading the other.

Secondly, you make it sound like Bob ran back to the starting line for no reason. It would be better if you said it were a car race and Bob turned around, went to the starting line, transferred the JS engine to a different car, and then took off after Alice.

Thirdly, by saying that Bob goes all the way back to the starting line, you are supporting the argument that Mozilla development started over from the beginning with the rewrite.

Fourth, your analogy gives no explanation at all as to why Bob is able to improve his speed by starting over.

Lastly, the names are wrong. Bob is from Microsoft.