Salon on Mozilla

Tuesday March 12th, 2002

A number of people have submitted this article, and while it's not really news, it's just another example of how Mozilla is starting to win people over. This is also beneficial to the evangelism efforts going on.

#61 Re: Yes, bundling is important, but not critical

by asa <>

Thursday March 14th, 2002 6:21 PM

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"And indeed, bundling is important, but we shouldn't just stumble on waiting for a favorable court judgement in that regard, or we'll end up old and gray (or just gray). As I suggest in the Top Ten list (LINK) , in order to overtake a bundled MSIE, we "only" need to make a browser which is twice as good. "

I don't share your enthusiasm in the least. I think you're way off if you believe that any web browser, even twice as good as Microsoft's offering, can overtake MSIE without serious bundling or other distribution deals. I'll bet that all the downloads of all the browsers on the market since IE moved over 50% in marketshare (includint IE) don't outnumber the bundled IEs that were shipped on newly purchased PCs. We're not gonna make significant strides without serious distribution. Distribution costs money and that means it's going to have to be commercial distribution.

Making the product better, even twice as good, isn't going to change the balance. Getting large-scale distribution will. That's not to say that we stop making it better but it is to say that your top 10 list doesn't really matter that much since it doesn't affect this distribution issue. Unless you know for a fact that fixing your usability issues is going to cause a handful of major distribution or bundling oportunities to magically appear then it's just not that important.