Salon on Mozilla

Tuesday March 12th, 2002

A number of people have submitted this article, and while it's not really news, it's just another example of how Mozilla is starting to win people over. This is also beneficial to the evangelism efforts going on.

#60 Re: Yes, bundling is important, but not critical

by asa <>

Thursday March 14th, 2002 6:13 PM

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"I agree with you on (1) and (2)."

HOLD UP. didn't you just get through saying "For an end user, there are two respects with which Mozilla is noticably better than MSIE. One is that it works on Linux. The other is that it's faster at loading pages on Mac OS." ???

But now you're saying that there are 4 reasons. That's a pretty large error. You went from only 2 reasons up to 4 reasons. I wonder if there are a few more. Better be careful though. If you get more than you can count on one hand then you'll have to admit that there are "quite a few" respects with which Mozilla is noticably better than IE.