Salon on Mozilla

Tuesday March 12th, 2002

A number of people have submitted this article, and while it's not really news, it's just another example of how Mozilla is starting to win people over. This is also beneficial to the evangelism efforts going on.

#2 Mozilla's evolution over the past year

by DavidGerard <>

Wednesday March 13th, 2002 5:52 AM

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I've been using Mozilla consistently since about mid-2000. (I had a look before then, but the browser was pretty much unusable before about M14.) It's one thing to see 1% improvement here, 2% improvement there day by day, but quite another to compare, say, M18 to 0.9.8. Which I've just done on this Debian laptop I'm using right now. Debian favours old over new, so the 'stable' version had M18. 'Testing' had 0.9.8. I suffered M18 for a day then did apt-get install mozilla. Much the same experience as the Salon article writer. Whoo-ee!