Mozilla 0.9.9 Released

Monday March 11th, 2002 today released what will be the last major milestone prior to 1.0, Mozilla 0.9.9. New features in this release include TrueType font support on Unix, SOAP support enabled, MathML support enabled on platforms that support it, new Print Preview toolbar, new Full Screen mode on windows, new popup window preferences, a fix for the zlib vulnerablility on Linux, and more.

You can download Mozilla 0.9.9 on's FTP site, or from their releases page.

With 0.9.9 out the door, the focus turns to the first release candidate of Mozilla 1.0, due later this month, or in early april. Also, expect numerous vendors to release product off the 1.0 branch including possibly Netscape and OEOne. We are working on setting up special Mozilla 1.0 forums, and should have them up by the end of today.

#98 try using a seperate save directory for them.

by dman84

Thursday March 14th, 2002 12:42 AM

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that last comment *didn't* work, It has to be a /plugins/ directory off that, application/data/mozilla/ so you have profiles, and plugins.

It didn't work with just putting the plugins in the directory only, it has to be a sub-directory called plugins. So even I screwed that up. :)

I'm trying to find this manually on the release notes, but its not in the plugins section - its actually all over the place: and I'm thinking it would be even more helpful than it already is to end users if it was more consolodated and clarified.

Java is the only thing that is mentioned here in Plugins, and under

Java at the top:

Windows: If you're using the Installer build and you already have JRE 1.3.0_01 on your system Mozilla should recognize it. If it doesn't recognize it then follow the copy instructions for the zip builds.

If you're using the or builds After the JRE is installed on your machine, copy NPJava130_01.dll, NPJava130_01a.dll, NPJava130_01b.dll, NPJava130_01c.dll, and NPOJI610.dll from the install directory (something like C:\Program Files\JavaSoft\JRE\1.3.0_01\bin) to your Mozilla plugins directory (something like C:\Program Files\ Mozilla 0.9.9 \bin\plugins).

and java at the bottom: Java

Some cases have been reported in which Windows 9x/ME Japanese users have a problem starting Mozilla when there is a prior installation of older JDK or JRE under the operating system in use. The JRE 130_01 that ships with Mozilla contains many fixes since the official release of JRE 1.3. If you are using an older version of JRE 1.3 or the US version of JRE 1.3 under Japanese Windows, you may experience this non-start problem.

To determine if the non-starting problem is due to Java installation, follow these steps:

1. Locate the Plugins directory (which is found in the same directory as the Mozilla executable). 2. Remove all the Java plugin files from the Plugins directory, i.e. the files whose names begin with "npjava...". Remove also the NPOJI610.dll file if you find one. Back them up in another directory so that you can restore them later. 3. Restart Mozilla . If Mozilla starts, then you have a Java related non-start problem.

If you have the Java problem as described above or want to install updated JRE 130_01 shipped with Mozilla , follow these steps (Note: This type of problem has not been reported for Windows NT4/2000, but if you experience this problem on the latter two platforms, follow these steps for those platforms also):

1. Click the Start button, open the Settings menu, and choose Control Panel. 2. Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon and select the Install/Uninstall tab. 3. Locate the old JRE installation (Java Runtime Environment) and delete it. 4. Run the Mozilla installer and choose either "Complete" or "Custom" installation making sure that Java is installed in the latter option. (Note that the "Typical" install does not install the JRE package but if there is an existing JDK or JRE on the operating system, the installer copies Java plugin files and place them into Mozilla 's Plugins directory.) This will install the latest version of JRE 130_01, which works with Mozilla .

-------- If Java doesn't work, make sure the following is true in Java plugins:

On Windows: Copy the NPOJI610.DLL from C:\JDK*\jre\bin to "\plugins" directory of your installation. On Unix: Make a soft link from /plugins/ to /usr/java/j*/jre/plugins/i386/ns610/