Mozilla 0.9.9 Released

Monday March 11th, 2002 today released what will be the last major milestone prior to 1.0, Mozilla 0.9.9. New features in this release include TrueType font support on Unix, SOAP support enabled, MathML support enabled on platforms that support it, new Print Preview toolbar, new Full Screen mode on windows, new popup window preferences, a fix for the zlib vulnerablility on Linux, and more.

You can download Mozilla 0.9.9 on's FTP site, or from their releases page.

With 0.9.9 out the door, the focus turns to the first release candidate of Mozilla 1.0, due later this month, or in early april. Also, expect numerous vendors to release product off the 1.0 branch including possibly Netscape and OEOne. We are working on setting up special Mozilla 1.0 forums, and should have them up by the end of today.

#58 it affects end users too!

by mattdm <>

Tuesday March 12th, 2002 1:53 PM

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or at least, sophisticated ones. I often want to look a the source when I hit a page which doesn't appear to render correctly, or which seems to be doing something the site designer found really clever but just doesn't work in Mozilla. Often, looking at the source code can show useful URLs that can be found to get at the real data.