AOL Moving to Gecko

Monday March 11th, 2002

Newsforge, and others are reporting that the AOL client will use Gecko, starting with the next major release, 8.0. Along with that, the story talked about AOL's departure from any server platform that isn't linux, and AOL's plans to release a standalone linux client (there aren't any).

This has long been the rumor, and many felt until AOL started using Gecko, it would be hard to get sites to stop using proprietary IE code. This may be the kick in the pants that's needed to help get major sites to allow non-Microsoft browsers access to all of their content.

#24 Re: Waste

by Blake <>

Monday March 11th, 2002 4:30 PM

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Your comment: "Too bad didn't focus on the browser only and get it completed 1-2 years ago." You then noted that all anyone needs, AOL included, is gecko. A reasonable inference is that AOL could have switched to gecko much sooner if had focused only on a browser. If that's the point you were trying to make, and that's certainly the impression I got, then I reiterate that it's nonsensical: AOL could have just thrown more developers at gecko to get the result they wanted sooner.