Internationalized Domain Support

Monday March 4th, 2002

William Tan writes: "The Mozilla team has been working on Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) support for some time now. IDN support has been a tricky issue, but we have had good success with it. Currently, Mozilla is able to support IDN through an external XPCOM component. Since this is a relatively experimental effort, it needs lots of attention, scrutiny and suggestion. Mozilla IDN Initiative was formed to provide a central resource for anyone interested in its development."

#5 Re: IDN By Default?

by dready

Friday March 8th, 2002 5:33 AM

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Yeah, that would be really nice. But IDN has no real standard as yet (even though the working group at IETF is submitting the papers to be published as RFCs). Additionally, XPIDN is a closed-source product so there might be licensing restrictions.