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Friday March 1st, 2002 drivers have posted the plan for the road to 1.0, and how the tree will be managed. Basically, the tree will be under driver control for the entire time following the 0.9.9 branching, which is occurring right now. Large landings will have to be placed on the Patch Landing Tool so that can know what will be going into the tree, and when. Click the Full Article link to get the whole scoop.

#23 nothing against any individual

by strauss

Wednesday March 6th, 2002 9:23 AM

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I'd like to clarify that my messages are not meant as an attack on a particular engineer. There is a critique in the messages, but it is a critique of the culture of technical management at Netscape. I am not faulting anyone for acting in a way that is in accord with the cultural norms of their workplace. The change that needs to happen is systemic, not individual.

I apologize for any appearance of personal attack -- I can easily see how my careless phrasing might have created that impression.