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Friday March 1st, 2002 drivers have posted the plan for the road to 1.0, and how the tree will be managed. Basically, the tree will be under driver control for the entire time following the 0.9.9 branching, which is occurring right now. Large landings will have to be placed on the Patch Landing Tool so that can know what will be going into the tree, and when. Click the Full Article link to get the whole scoop.

#17 "all the evaluation time"

by sab39

Tuesday March 5th, 2002 8:14 AM

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As one of the primary contributors to the link toolbar I'd have to strongly dispute the claim that lots of evaluation time has been wasted on it. My perception is that the total number of people who have done *anything* with the linktoolbar could be counted on my fingers - including the single person who spent about an hour, or less, doing the performance evaluations on it (actually, we know the original 5% pageload regression from tests that would have been run daily regardless of whether the toolbar was there or not - so that piece took *zero* time).

Not to mention that as for me personally, I have neither the inclination or the ability to work on almost any other bugs. All the time *I* spent on the linktoolbar wouldn't have been "better directed elsewhere in Mozilla", it would have gone to non-mozilla projects, if not for the linktoolbar.

It also seems that there's a possibility that the linktoolbar *will* be backed out for 1.0 because it causes a 3% startup and new-window performance hit that can't be fixed in time for 1.0 (see bug 102992 - and contrary to other reports on this thread, that needs nothing from hyatt in particular, it just needs someone with a substantial amount of time to work on it, which isn't me right now unless you're offering to employ me for that purpose).