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Friday March 1st, 2002 drivers have posted the plan for the road to 1.0, and how the tree will be managed. Basically, the tree will be under driver control for the entire time following the 0.9.9 branching, which is occurring right now. Large landings will have to be placed on the Patch Landing Tool so that can know what will be going into the tree, and when. Click the Full Article link to get the whole scoop.

#15 Re: Re: XBL... DOM events... Hyatt...

by choess <>

Monday March 4th, 2002 11:04 PM

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> Why should it matter what he's fallen in love with?

Because he's not only a valued Netscape employee, he's also an energetic and creative contributor of code in his own spare time.

> In a managed software project he'd be spending his time on what the project needed, not on his latest infatuation.

If by "managed software project" you mean "project where companies dictated everything their employees did, ever", you would be correct. Fortunately, this is not the case. > Right now what it needs is bug fixes, footprint reudtcion, and performance improvement. So I have to assume that's what he's working on.

Which he is presumably working on in his capacity as a Netscape employee, as which he undoubtedly has a list of bugs to work on and a manager to report to. The fact that he's working on Chimera as a private individual is not particularly germane to this, although it's relevant to the original topic in that his spare time is going there rather than to XBL/DOM improvements that would help the link toolbar.