Tree Closes Tonight for Mozilla 0.9.9

Tuesday February 19th, 2002 will begin the process to release Mozilla 0.9.9 tonight at 11:59 pm pacific by closing the tree to free checkins. Mozilla 0.9.9 is the last major milestone prior to 1.0, and includes numerous bugfixes in composer, history, and other areas. Along with this, likely new features that will be in the milestone include a new full screen window mode, set image as wallpaper, and composer publishing.

Following the tree close tonight, expect up to a week of tree closure for stability and regression fixes, then a branch to be cut some time next week. As soon as the branch is cut, the trunk will reopen for Mozilla 1.0 checkins. is shooting for a March 1st release date, but due to this being the last milestone before 1.0, and because there is a large amount of code that will be landed tonight prior to tree close, delays may occur.

#170 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: View-source still not fixe

by Ugg

Thursday February 28th, 2002 7:16 PM

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"Perhaps they were using code that's IE-specific? If not, perhaps it's a bug."

Entirely possible, on both counts, but nevertheless frustrating.

"How much has the interface for, say, IE changed? Who even remembers what version of IE was out 3 years ago?"

Mozilla's prefs dialog seems rather woefully inadequate to me. Maybe this is simply IMO, but it seems to me that some sort of expansion and reorganization is in order to address Mozilla's strengths and options rather than Netscape 4's. I'm not sure what that has to do with IE at all, unless you mean to argue that Mozilla is "good enough" as-is because IE isn't substantially better (and there are those who would argue that point as well).

"I'l agree that some of the decisions on how to render pages are...odd. And I wish there was more docs on how to fix a legacy page for Mozilla."

This has nothing to do with the point I was trying to make; did you bother to read my parenthetical explanation? Mozilla's CSS *broke*. It suffered a major loss of functionality that did not exist in earlier versions of the software. I would like to know how in the bloody hell anyone is supposed to develop web pages for a browser that ignores 90% of their style information.. and the fact that Mozilla is supposed to have industry-leading CSS support makes this even more of a farce.

Even if you say this is a temporary (or fixed!) bug, I can attest to the fact that it lasted for weeks. This is not acceptable to a web developer, unless he can afford to simply wait around while the coders get Moz working again.

"I've toasted IE installs in the not-too-distant past. Moz still needs lots and lots of help, but it's coming along."

I think you've missed my point. I am talking about a piece of software that DOES NOT WORK. In fact, let me reiterate that just to sledgehammer the point home (though doubtless someone will misread it anyway):


At least, not on my machine. This is a known bug (apparently) which, again, has gone weeks without repair as far as I can tell.

If you can build and test pages with a browser that's incapable of running whatsoever, then please allow me to congratulate you on your ascention to godhood. Meanwhile, for mere mortal men, not being able to run Mozilla at all makes it peculiarly unsuitable for development.

I'd love to code to standards, as would any sane developer. I'd like to know how Mozilla allows me to do that, though, when (a) it doesn't run at all, and (b) it would fuck over all my CSS even if it did. For all it's faults, and there are many, at least IE will render pages for me.