Tree Closes Tonight for Mozilla 0.9.9

Tuesday February 19th, 2002 will begin the process to release Mozilla 0.9.9 tonight at 11:59 pm pacific by closing the tree to free checkins. Mozilla 0.9.9 is the last major milestone prior to 1.0, and includes numerous bugfixes in composer, history, and other areas. Along with this, likely new features that will be in the milestone include a new full screen window mode, set image as wallpaper, and composer publishing.

Following the tree close tonight, expect up to a week of tree closure for stability and regression fixes, then a branch to be cut some time next week. As soon as the branch is cut, the trunk will reopen for Mozilla 1.0 checkins. is shooting for a March 1st release date, but due to this being the last milestone before 1.0, and because there is a large amount of code that will be landed tonight prior to tree close, delays may occur.

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by asa <>

Monday February 25th, 2002 9:42 PM

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"The project is now postponing hundreds of important bug fixes because they seem to be under an external pressure from Netscape to call something 1.0."

You couldn't be farther from the truth. Netscape management could really care less about what we call the next 10 milestones. They haven't let our version numbers stand in the way of their mozilla-based products. Neither has OEOne. Neither has Rovia. Neither has Galeon. Neither has Tuxia. Neither has Beonex, or IBM, or Bloomberg. All these companies and many more are shipping products based on Mozilla and none of them have let our version numbers stand in the way of their releases.

"and they will be releasing as 1.0 a browser that crashes every three and a half hours."

You simply don't know what you're talking about. A little data is clearly a dangerous thing. With the complete lack of understanding of talkback methodology you're out on a limb making claims that are simply foolish. If you'd like to know how talkback works and what the data means then feel free to ask but don't spout off in here like you know what your talking about when it comes to talkback data because you just don't have a clue.

If we've failed you so, then go away. You've got nothing to gain by hanging around and we could all save some time and make mozilla that much better if we were'nt responding to your clearly moot criticism (if you don't expect us to be a success then why offer even constructive criticism). Go find some other project to set your hopes on.