Tree Closes Tonight for Mozilla 0.9.9

Tuesday February 19th, 2002 will begin the process to release Mozilla 0.9.9 tonight at 11:59 pm pacific by closing the tree to free checkins. Mozilla 0.9.9 is the last major milestone prior to 1.0, and includes numerous bugfixes in composer, history, and other areas. Along with this, likely new features that will be in the milestone include a new full screen window mode, set image as wallpaper, and composer publishing.

Following the tree close tonight, expect up to a week of tree closure for stability and regression fixes, then a branch to be cut some time next week. As soon as the branch is cut, the trunk will reopen for Mozilla 1.0 checkins. is shooting for a March 1st release date, but due to this being the last milestone before 1.0, and because there is a large amount of code that will be landed tonight prior to tree close, delays may occur.

#122 Re: Re: Re: doh

by fuzzygorilla

Monday February 25th, 2002 11:53 AM

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Pardon me, but you are making things up - or at least deliberately misleading people based on faulty statistics and unsubstantiated statements.

#1 - You give a link to the MTBF numbers that Mozilla keeps. If you take a moment to read the top of the very document you link to you will notice it states explicitly - "MTBF ... based on ... reports from testers that have crashed". Keep carefully in mind that if you never crash, then your uptime will never be recorded. This drastically skews the results and is not a true "MTBF" as normally used in industry.

#2 - You state that you are concerned with the 'ever-escalating defect curve' even though it has been pointed out numerous times that just counting bugs in Bugzilla is meaningless data.

#3 - You state 'The project [has] compromised on their... API freeze" and yet the APIs are being frozen as can be seen by checking LXR and Bugzilla. Yes, it is true, not every API will be frozen - only those that are known to be critical to allowing developers to produce external apps that work in the Mozilla framework. Give one specific example of an API which will not be frozen for the 1.0 release that matches the Mozilla 1.0 release criteria.

You are failed to provide a 'realistic look at the failed promises' of Mozilla.