Tree Closes Tonight for Mozilla 0.9.9

Tuesday February 19th, 2002 will begin the process to release Mozilla 0.9.9 tonight at 11:59 pm pacific by closing the tree to free checkins. Mozilla 0.9.9 is the last major milestone prior to 1.0, and includes numerous bugfixes in composer, history, and other areas. Along with this, likely new features that will be in the milestone include a new full screen window mode, set image as wallpaper, and composer publishing.

Following the tree close tonight, expect up to a week of tree closure for stability and regression fixes, then a branch to be cut some time next week. As soon as the branch is cut, the trunk will reopen for Mozilla 1.0 checkins. is shooting for a March 1st release date, but due to this being the last milestone before 1.0, and because there is a large amount of code that will be landed tonight prior to tree close, delays may occur.

#100 Not kidding..

by macpeep

Saturday February 23rd, 2002 2:32 AM

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"With the usual dose of sarcasm and, once again, his typically out of context attitude."

That's not how I read it. I checked out the bug report and found that it was, just like Strauss said, a bug that is an "annoyance" rather than a "show stopper" and on top of this, is only a bug for a VERY small minority. We're now just one milestone away from 1.0. At this point, it really is unwise (in the sense that it's risky) to do any changes and/or added features. At least that's one point of view and I for one share it. If you read up about software development processes, you'll see that so does a lot of other people.

I don't know what Strauss' ultimate motivation is for reading about Mozilla and following the development. I believe it's the same as mine tho. I've a long time Netscape browser fan that at one point witnessed that Microsoft's IE had FAR surpassed it (for whatever reasons, legal or not) in quality. Then, along comes Mozilla, which looks extremely promising. Only from where we're looking at things, it seems like the project is in a chaos. Slipping deadlines, serious problems with bugs etc. You probably disagree with it, but that's how I (and I'm pretty sure Strauss too) looks at it. If you search other forums, you'll find that a lot of people (if not the majority in fact) agrees with us.

As far as "playing the devil's advocate" goes (on Slashdot and here), I post in response to comment that I think are wrong, and I post my views when I thik I have something worth something to say. In the latest case, which I guess you were refering to (on Slashdot), i posted in reponse to someone who was basically, indirectly, suggesting Mozilla has a market share of 17% and that Mozilla was in 2nd place. My reponse was that it's not true - out of those 17%, the vast majority is Netscape 4.x. My post was modded as follows: Moderation Totals: Insightful=1, Interesting=1, Informative=1, Total=3 (Score 5: Informative). Like you can see, not everyone shares YOUR view that we're "just trolling".

These are just different views on a subject and it's much better to discuss things than just attack the writer. Strauss has a lot of very good points and I wish I could lay out my thoughts as coherently as he does. Now he may be right or he may be wrong, but that's a separate issue. I do not personally see this whole "It's his attitude" thing that you say. Maybe you're just being a little over sensitive to comments that aren't praising Mozilla? Think about it...