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Tuesday February 12th, 2002

Join us this Thursday and Friday as we work to clean up the bug database, weeding out duplicate reports, confirming or resolving bugs, and adding comments and testcases to assist developers working on difficult issues. We're getting very close to Mozilla 1.0. We need your help to ensure that important problems aren't overlooked and we need your time so that developers can focus on fixing bugs rather than reading a bunch of duplicate or incomplete reports.

#20 Re: Bug Day elimination results

by asa <>

Saturday February 16th, 2002 12:38 PM

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More important than the resolution of dupes, invalid and worksforme bugs is that dozens of new contributors got involved with the process. My quick queries show about 350 bugs were resolved as dupe, invalid, and woksforme on Thursday and Friday. This is about 30% more than normal per regular day in Bugzilla. While that may not seem like much there are a good number of new folks working in Bugzilla than there were on Wednesday and that is the more important aspect of BugDays. Others may disagree but seeing as how BugDays were my creation over two years ago and the whole purpose was teaching people how to use Bugzilla I feel comfortable saying that we had a very successful couple of days.